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Healthcare Investments in India
Changing landscape of healthcare investments in India: Role of partnerships and innovative financing models
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Converging technologies with flexible finance
Converging technologies with flexible finance for health system strengthening
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The initiative supports early-revenue businesses in delivering innovative and commercially sustainable solutions targeted at improving healthcare services for the vulnerable communities. Using blended financing solutions, combined with in-depth market intelligence, SAMRIDH backs innovators and entrepreneurs through their critical stages of growth, maximising their efforts towards building an inclusive healthcare system for India.

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In a very short span of time SAMRIDH has galvanised support at the highest level, and our activities are steered in close collaboration with government bodies, bilateral donor agencies, large philanthropies, leading corporates and financial institutions. This has catapulted SAMRIDH onto a winning pathway to strengthen healthcare delivery in India. However, the journey ahead is long and the task at hand remains too imperious to achieve without sustained reinforcements.

With innovation and co-creation at the centre of all our initiatives, we continually explore partnership opportunities with those who share the vision of an inclusive healthcare system in India.

SAMRIDH’s approach, combining technology, blended finance and market insights, provides a unique platform for diverse stakeholders to come together, and collectively advance action towards the national healthcare priorities.

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SAMRIDH seeks to invest in high impact business models to generate transformative impact for the healthcare needs of low-income communities.

We are currently inviting applications from innovators and enterprises, offering scalable solutions, to supplement India’s COVID-19 response, augment health infrastructure and improve capacity. We follow a rigorous review and selection process to support solutions with appropriate investments, fast tracking their growth and market entry.

If you have a market-ready technology or an inclusive business model to strengthen India’s preparedness for emerging healthcare needs, connect with us today!

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