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India has a thriving innovation and entrepreneurial landscape, yet, the ecosystem lacks a ready pipeline of “investable” businesses to improve healthcare delivery for the vulnerable population. The solutions on offer, while addressing some of the critical healthcare challenges in the country, often fall short of minimum commercial viability, and thus, are unable to deliver impact at scale. Reacting to this need, SAMRIDH follows a holistic approach to identify inclusive business models from a teeming pool of solutions in the market.


The healthcare sector’s perceived association with financial risks and market failures limits the opportunities of private financing for innovators in the space. Moreover, capital needs of innovators differ by type and stage of their solution, the diversity of which the investor community is unable to meet. These, and other systemic challenges, restrict the flow of private capital to healthcare innovators – impeding the opportunity for inclusive market solutions to scale. With this objective to meet the financing needs of healthcare innovators, SAMRIDH aims to enhance access to affordable capital for healthcare innovators through three key functions of its blended finance facility:

At SAMRIDH-BFF, we operate with a goal-oriented mind-set, and intention to deliver high impact through our investments. We focus on continuous monitoring to assess the effectiveness of our initiatives towards addressing health care delivery challenges, and assimilate learnings to improvise the program approach for maximum impact. We, therefore, follow a strategic approach towards implementing our M & E activities, and aim to achieve our objectives by